“Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA”

Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA

Restaurants in Moultrie, GA

Are you planning a culinary journey to Moultrie, Georgia?

Finding the ideal restaurant to eat at can be difficult, whether you’re a frequent diner or a newcomer. Given the abundance of possibilities, it can be tough to choose the restaurant that would provide the finest dining experience.

Fortunately, you can find some of the top restaurants in Moultrie with some research and insider knowledge, and this article offers that! Moultrie offers a wide selection of dining establishments to satiate any taste, from foreign cuisine to comfort food from the South. To help you get the most out of your eating experience, we’ll walk you through some of Moultrie’s best eateries in this post. Learn more below!

12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA

1. The Square

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

If you are looking forward to experiencing authentic Southern culinary service, The Square is the best place to go. This restaurant specializes in offering seasonally inspired Southern dishes, craft beers and wine. The place features a historic space dating to the late 1800s. Though the place has a rustic look, the atmosphere is relaxing and lively. The service where is unbeatable. Though there is a possibility of some mistakes, they are very eager to correct them and make sure you have a wonderful experience. Their menu covers pizza, pasta, salads and many Southern-style entrees. The Square is widely recommended for its great beer and wine selection. If you are looking for a special local wine or beer, you’d surely find it at The Square. They serve lunch and dinner and offer dine-in, takeaway and delivery services. Other available provisions in The Square restaurant are cocktails, healthy options, a kid’s menu, spirits, the bar on site and dessert.

2. Surcheros Fresh Grill

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

With an impressive rating of 4.5, Suchereros Fresh restaurant offers the best dining experience in Moultrie, GA. This restaurant is a Tex-Mex eatery, offering the best of nachos, burrito Bowl, Guacamole, Veggie burritos, tacos, salads and lots more. You’d also find other options like the surcheros Fresh Mex, grilled burritos, quesadillas, and desserts. If you are coming with your kids, they also have a lot of options to choose from. In addition to the amazing food they serve, Surcheros Fresh Grill offers a clean and casual environment. The place is always lively, and the staffs are quite hospitable and friendly. They also take care of special diet needs, particularly for vegetarians. But if you have other diet restrictions, they will be glad to help you out.

3. Applebee’s Grill and Bar

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

The famous Applebee’s Grill and Bar is on our top list of restaurants in Moultrie, GA, because of its excellent service, amazing food and relaxing environment. This full-service chain bar and grill provide hearty American eats in an informal setting. This chain restaurant beats most chain restaurants in Moultrie, GA. Everyone, from hostesses and servers to table cleaners and chefs are, all dedicated to doing their job well. The food is always hot and fresh. You can visit with family or friends for a special occasion or a casual hangout. They are quite popular for their delicious broccoli, bourbon chicken, Caesar salad, chicken wings, oriental chicken salad, chicken strips with fries and many others. Other notable highlights of Applebee’s Grill and bar include fast service, great cocktails, impressive beer selections, a great wine list and good for watching sports.

4. Blue Sky Grill

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

Blue Sky Grill is a casual eatery offering a truckload of delicious grilled items for lunch and dinner. The restaurant boasts a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food. Their menu covers a wide list of American and Southern cuisine, including steaks, seafood, sandwiches and salads. You’d also find a full bar offering a wide selection of beer, wine and cocktails. One of the highly recommended dishes in Blue Sky Grill is the Blue Sky Burger. This dish is a mouthwatering burger prepared with certified Angus beef, bacon and cheddar cheese, topped with a fried egg and presented with hand-cut fries. There are so many other delicious dishes you can go for. And if you are unsure of what to eat, you can trust the staff’s recommendations.

The restaurant’s interior has a modern and inviting atmosphere. It also offers plenty of seating options, including a spacious outdoor patio. The patio is a popular spot for customers. You can enjoy your favorite meal in the fresh air and sunshine, particularly during the warmer weather. More so, Blue Sky restaurant offers excellent food and drinks and provides private event spaces that can accommodate up to 50 guests. So, if you are planning a private party or a special occasion, Blue Sky Grill is a great choice.

 5. Three Crazy Bakers

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

Three Crazy Bakers is a charming bakery run by three passionate and creative bakers. They specialize in unique and delicious baked goods. This bakery offers classic pastries like croissants and muffins to common treats like cronuts and cuffins. Other options, such as cakes, cookies, and desserts, are also available. They are made with high-quality ingredients and a dash of creativity. Three Crazy Bakers also offer coffee, tea and other beverages. The restaurant’s interior is cozy, and there is plenty of seating for customers to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal.

6. The Latin House

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

If you are looking for a vibrant restaurant in Moultrie, GA, the Latin House is a great fit. This restaurant serves delicious Latin American cuisine. The restaurant is popular for its flavorful dishes, hospitality and festive atmosphere. The menu at The Latin House covers a variety of Latin American classics, like Tacos, burritos, empanadas, and arepas. They also offer a good selection of vegetarian and gluten-free options. This is to make sure there is something for everyone. In addition to the delicious food, The Latin House offers catering services for special events. Overall, The Latin House is a good pick for anyone looking for Latin American food. With its delicious food, friendly staff and festive atmosphere, The Latin House is a top choice for locals and visitors in Moultrie, GA.

7. The Soda Foundation

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

The Soda Foundation is one good destination you shouldn’t miss. This place offers a cozy and welcoming space that features a coffee bar, a stage for live music and performances, and a gallery for local artists to showcase their work. The place is indeed delightful, especially if you are looking for a unique destination. The Soda Foundation isn’t just a good spot to hang out. They offer more than that. They offer grants to local organizations and individuals working to improve the community. They also promote diversity, education and the arts. So, you’d not only enjoy your culinary experience, but you’d also learn a lot.

8. Fuller’s restaurant

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

Fuller’s Restaurant is a cherished landmark noted for its hearty Southern fare and welcoming staff. Since 1947, this family-run restaurant has been filling the bellies of hungry patrons, and it is still going strong today. Fullers has a nice dining area with an inviting ambiance that makes you feel at home. The restaurant has a nostalgic atmosphere because of the old images and artifacts that are displayed on the walls.

The food at Fuller’s is the true attraction. Traditional Southern fares like fried chicken, catfish, and pork chops are abundant on the menu. Classics like mac & cheese, collard greens, and black-eyed peas are among the two sides that customers can choose from when ordering any of the entries. You surely won’t leave Fuller’s hungry because of the large amounts.

The chicken and dumplings, a creamy, soothing bowl of delicate and fluffy dumplings ideal for a chilly day, are one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The fried chicken is also delicious and must be tried; it has a crispy, golden crust and juicy, flavorful meat. And try the banana pudding for dessert if you have room. It’s a rich, creamy dessert prepared with vanilla wafers and fresh bananas that is the ideal way to cap off lunch at Fuller’s.

Overall, Fuller’s Restaurant in Moultrie, Georgia, is a must-see location. It is simple to understand why this restaurant has been a local favorite for more than 70 years with its welcoming ambiance and delectable fare. Whether you’re a frequent customer or a first-time visitor, Fuller’s will make you feel at home.

9. Ichiban Grill

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

Ichiban Restaurant is the place to go in Moultrie, Georgia if you’re craving sushi or hibachi. The menu at this Japanese eatery is diverse, with everything from traditional sushi rolls to sizzling hibachi platters that are prepared in front of you. The sushi cuisine at Ichiban Grill is one of its specialties. A broad range of rolls is available, including classics like California rolls and spicy tuna rolls and more inventive choices like the Moultrie Roll, which is stuffed with shrimp tempura, avocado, and cream cheese and topped with hot mayo and eel sauce. It’s a fantastic option for sushi aficionados in the neighborhood because the sushi is always fresh and beautifully cooked.

The Ichiban Grill is the place to go if you’re looking for something a little more engaging. At Ichiban Grill, you may eat while watching your chef make your food at a communal table. With incredible dexterity, they’ll chop and flip the ingredients, putting on a performance that’s as entertaining as it is mouthwatering.

10. Hometown Bar and Grill

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

Hometown Bar and Grill is a great option if you’re searching for a welcoming, informal restaurant in Moultrie, Georgia. For a night out with friends or a laid-back family supper, this restaurant serves traditional American fare, refreshing drinks, and a friendly ambiance.

The menu of Hometown Bar and Grill features a wide variety of options. Together with salads, sandwiches, and burgers, they serve traditional appetizers like wings, nachos, and fried pickles. The Philly cheesesteak, which is created with thinly sliced beef, sautéed onions and peppers, and melted cheese on a hoagie sandwich, is one of the outstanding foods.

Their ribeye steak is a terrific option for individuals who are looking for something a little heartier. It is well-cooked and offered with a selection of sides, such as mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. A nutritious and filling alternative is the grilled chicken salad if you’re looking for something a little lighter.

The cocktails are one of Hometown Bar & Grill’s finest features. In addition to a vast variety of cocktails and spirits, they also feature a large selection of beers on tap. Also, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, you must try the frozen margaritas.

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11. Don Julios Authentic Mexican Restaurant

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

If you’re seeking for a wonderful, genuine Mexican restaurant in Moultrie, Georgia, visit Don Julios Authentic Mexican restaurant. The menu at this family-run eatery is diverse, with everything from traditional tacos and burritos to more unusual items like chile rellenos and fajitas. Don Julio’s has a welcoming ambiance with vibrant décor and live traditional Mexican music in the background. The staff is attentive and pleasant, and they are always happy to provide suggestions or provide menu information.

The carne asada, a grilled steak marinated in a savory mixture of spices and served with rice, beans, and tortillas, is one of Don Julio’s signature meals. The chimichangas, which feature crispy fried tortillas filled with the meat, beans, and cheese of your choosing, are another must-try.

12. Armando’s Tacos and Grill

"Delightful Dining: Discover the Top 12 Best Restaurants in Moultrie, GA"

In Moultrie, Georgia, there is a well-known Mexican eatery called Armando’s Tacos and Grill. This family-run restaurant serves a huge selection of traditional Mexican cuisine that is overflowing with flavor and created with fresh ingredients. With a typical Mexican design and lots of seats for both small and large groups, Armando’s atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming. It’s a terrific place for a family outing or a casual dinner with friends because of the lively, positive atmosphere.

The tacos al pastor, which is created with marinated pork that is roasted on a vertical spit and served on a warm tortilla with cilantro and onions, are one of Armando’s signature dishes. Along with burritos and enchiladas, popular options include carne asada and carnitas tacos. Yet, Armando’s may be best notable for its handcrafted salsas and fiery sauces. From mild and smoky to spicy and powerful, they offer a diversity of flavors and heat intensities. Every day, fresh salsas are created, and they go well with any meal.


There are several wonderful restaurants in Moultrie, Georgia, each with a distinctive setting and menu. There is food for everyone in this little town, whether you’re craving traditional American meals, genuine Mexican cuisine, or something in between. Overall, the eateries in Moultrie, Georgia, highlight the community’s diversified culinary culture and dedication to providing top-notch cuisine and hospitality. You’re sure to have a delectable and filling lunch wherever you decide to eat.

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