How to Find Cheap Flights from Memphis to Las Vegas

cheap flights from Memphis to Las Vegas

Do you want to travel by flight to Las Vegas from Memphis, but you are on a tight budget? You tried all possible ways to find a cheap flight from Memphis to Las Vegas, but it drove you to a confused state.

Getting cheap flights on this route is very easy, and at the same time, it will be quite hard if you think obtaining an affordable flight ticket is taking a long way. After all, many travel booking engines are available online to help you find a cheap flight to Las Vegas from Memphis.  

However, it’s essential to know that the overall flight expenses vary depending on several factors. Among the factors determining your flight cost is the duration of the journey.

In comparison, some airlines offer direct flights from Memphis to Las Vegas, which typically take around 3.5 to 4 hours. Some other flights take a long way and might reach their destination in around 5 to 7 hours.

However, if you’d want to get cheap flights from Memphis to Las Vegas, in this article, we’ll list the available airlines operating on direct flights and how you can find one yourself.

Available Airlines Operating This Route

How to Find Cheap Flights from Memphis to Las Vegas

As I said earlier, the time your flight will take you varies, and that’s if you are going with an airline offering direct flights. The airline you choose to fly with will determine how to get cheap flights. Additionally, it will make the process faster. Choose three among the few mentioned here.

Hence in this part of the article, we’ll list some of those flights operating directly through this route.

#1. Delta Airlines: Delta airlines are one of the most popular airlines in the west simultaneously. However, they don’t offer direct flights from Memphis International Airport to McCarran International Airport Las Vegas, now known as Harry Reid Airport.

#2. American Airlines: Like Delta Airlines, American Airlines provides several daily connecting flights from Memphis to Las Vegas, with layovers in cities such as Dallas, Charlotte, or Phoenix. Meaning they don’t offer direct flights. The flight duration on this route can range from 5 to 9 hours, depending on the number of layovers.

#3. United Airlines: United Airlines also operates daily connecting flights from Memphis to Las Vegas, with layovers in cities such as Houston, Denver, or Chicago.

#4. Southwest Airlines: Southwest Airlines also offers daily direct flights from Memphis to Las Vegas. Southwest Airlines is known for its low fares and flexible policies, such as no change fees. However, there’s no proof of whether they offer direct or layover flights, but you will know during your research process.

#5. Frontier Airlines: Just like Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines doesn’t charge necessary, but you will have to pay a few fees like baggage and so on. However, based on the non-stop or layover aspect, it depends. 

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How to Find Cheap Flights from Memphis to Las Vegas

How to Find Cheap Flights from Memphis to Las Vegas

Apart from the methods listed in this section, there are no other ways to find cheap flights from Memphis to Las Vegas. Some of these ways include:

  • Firstly, use comparison websites to compare the prices and time when each airline departs, instead of just going directly to the airline’s official website to book your flight. However, after getting your actual date, price, and departure time, you can directly book on the official airline websites. But before that, don’t.
  • On the other hand, you should remember that not all comparison websites are equal. Some websites don’t include budget carriers because they don’t usually pay a commission. In that case, you should use multiple websites to ensure you get all the cheap flight options from Memphis to Las Vegas.
  • Secondly, your time of booking matters. It will help if you try booking ahead of time. Most people don’t know this trick. They don’t know that the earlier they book, the cheaper the ticket will be for them. However, late booking sometimes results in cheap flights, and that’s if there aren’t many travelers on the airline.
  • Thirdly, for cheap flights, travel during off-peak seasons. Off-peak seasons are also known as seasons that are not on holidays. During the holiday season, there are many travelers, and with that, there’s no way airline tickets will be affordable. But during non-holiday seasons, you will be flexible in choosing an affordable time and date of departure.
  • Fourthly, search ticket prices for individual travelers. It’s especially true if you’re traveling with family or friends. Many airlines display the highest ticket price in a group of tickets. As a result, you’ll have to pay more for the flight. So, if you’re on a tight budget, you should always look for tickets as an individual.
  • During checkout, choose your seats so you and your family or friends sit together during the flight. But even if you don’t sit next to each other, it’s still a fair trade for saving money for the trip.
  • Lastly, you can watch out for promotions and discounts you can redeem from airlines. This always happens when you steadily fly on an airline. You can subscribe to their newsletter to stay up-to-date on their changes in airline ticket costs and other things.
  • But aside from the airline’s discounts and promotions, you can also use your collected points and miles without spending extra money. If you’re a student traveling to Las Vegas, you can avail yourself of the student discounts available for your situation. You can get 10% to 20% off the standard fare on some airlines.

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Before You Go…

How to Find Cheap Flights from Memphis to Las Vegas

Finding cheap flights from Memphis to Las Vegas can take a lot of time before you can get a better deal. But if you are patient enough and flexible with your travel date, you will get that cheap flight you strive for in no time.

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