4 ways to ensure that your luxury vacation is sustainable as possible

ways to ensure that your luxury vacation is sustainable

As we head into 2023, you may be looking to plan your next vacation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many travelers have changed their attitudes regarding luxury travel.

Many people are actively looking for ways to enjoy luxury while having less of a negative effect on the environment.

Ways to ensure that your luxury vacation is sustainable

#1. Consider transport

4 ways to ensure that your luxury vacation is sustainable as possible

When traveling in luxury, many people think of private jets. If this is the case and you are planning to rent a private jet for your vacation but want to make your flight as sustainable as possible, then searching for empty-leg flights is a great way to do this.

Figures show that up to 50% of private jets often fly empty, so by choosing empty-leg flights, you can give a purpose to an otherwise pointless trip and increase the sustainability of your vacation.

If your vacation is close to home, look for alternative modes of transport rather than aircraft. Most of a plane’s carbon emissions happen when it takes off and lands, so if you want to help the environment, you should take the train or car for a short trip.

#2. Research your destination

4 ways to ensure that your luxury vacation is sustainable as possible

Researching your destination before travel is a great way to ensure the sustainability of your trip. If you are fortunate enough to spend the money on a luxury vacation, then actively choosing to visit less affluent countries or areas where your tourism can benefit the community is something that you should consider.

One example is Bhutan in South Asia which has implemented strict visa regulations to reduce exploitative tourism.

While this means that your trip will be more expensive, you will be actively contributing to the socio-economic status of the country as well as the protection of endangered species such as the black-necked cranes.

As such, choosing a destination where you can make an active and worthwhile difference while still experiencing gorgeous scenery and surroundings is key to making a luxury holiday sustainable.

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#3. Choose local

4 ways to ensure that your luxury vacation is sustainable as possible

While on vacation, you should avoid participating in activities or tours that exploit the local area, people, or animals, such as riding elephants.

While being so close to these animals may feel like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is crucial to recognize the adverse effects that this can have.

Instead, it would help if you considered visiting or volunteering at a local animal sanctuary to get close to animals. Only use responsible tour companies as they won’t promote any unethical experiences.

Regarding food and drink while you are away, you should always choose locally sourced, traditional meals to reduce your impact on your surroundings.

Many chain restaurants will import their products overseas, resulting in a high carbon footprint. Instead, consider visiting local restaurants or street vendors or head to a local farmers market and pick up in-season produce if you are preparing your food.

This helps to give back to the community and reduce the negative impact that tourism may have on the local environment.

#4. Opt to offset

4 ways to ensure that your luxury vacation is sustainable as possible

After considering all of the above, if you still want to ensure that your vacation is truly sustainable, consider offsetting your trip’s carbon emissions.

Generally, your mode of transport will be the least sustainable aspect of your trip, so you can calculate your emissions and reduce your output in other areas of your life.

Some flight providers offer add-on charges to offset the carbon emissions of your flight, so it could be worth investigating.

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