Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

hot chilli food and travel blog

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, taken an amazing picture of your food, and wished you could recreate it? Well, that’s exactly why I started this hot chilli food and travel blog! Whether you’re looking to improve your diet or travel the globe, hot chillies are here to help.

You’ll be sure to find some spicy recipes that bring the heat on my blog, as well as plenty of resources that will help you feel confident in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you’re interested in seeing the world while eating spicy food, my blog offers plenty of travel tips and destination guides to help you get where you want to go.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to hear from you! I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoyed travelling to every destination covered on my site. If you like what you see, please share this post with your friends on social media (links are included below).

What are hot chillies?

Hot chillies are any species of chili pepper that is hot in taste and moderate to extreme in its spice, burning sensation, and spiciness. They add a piquant (hot or spicy) flavor to foods.

The hotter varieties of chilli can be mildly addictive because they stimulate nerve endings, providing pleasurable sensations when consumed in small doses.

These sensations, however, quickly turn into pain if overconsumed. Eating very hot chillies has been described as being like having your mouth on fire.

Health benefits of hot chillies

The ability of chillies to increase metabolic rate and stimulate fat burning is well known; studies show that consumption of capsaicinoids (the active ingredient in chillies) increases energy expenditure by around 150 calories a day.

This effect lasts as long as your body is exposed to them, so eating a spicy meal will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Also, eating large amounts of chillies lowers LDL cholesterol levels (aka ‘bad’ cholesterol), reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Researchers believe it’s because capsaicin stimulates intestinal bile acid production, which increases excess cholesterol excretion.

Finally, if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, including plenty of chillies in your diet may lower blood glucose levels. One study found that consuming just half a teaspoon of red pepper every day for three months lowered fasting blood glucose and increased insulin sensitivity for people with type 2 diabetes.

However, more research is needed on these potential benefits. So next time someone asks if you want some spice with your meal – why not go for it? It could do wonders for your health!

5 Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog

#1. Chili Pepper Madness

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Mike created Chili Pepper Madness after getting hooked on chili peppers, hot sauce, and spicy food. Based in Charlotte, NC, ChiliPepperMadness shares recipes with a spicy twist.

The blog features hot recipes from around the world, classic American dishes, and hot sauce recipes. You can follow their recipes on Youtube and check out the blog for even more fiery inspiration!

You can find so much variety in the Hot Sauces at Chili Pepper Madness

So many recipes and so little time. He will help you save time and money by focusing on recipes that either take less than 30 minutes to prepare or don’t require many ingredients. That way, you can spend your time on other important things like running errands, catching up with friends, or grabbing a good book!

He cooks with many exotic spices, so his recipes can be spicy. However, he makes every recipe customizable to suit individual tastes and heat tolerance levels. They believe it’s not just about the heat; the flavor is important.

If you’re looking for an American take on traditional dishes, this blog is for you! You’ll find Cajun cooking (a favorite), Southern delicacies like BBQ, and more. They also include our best family recipes and anything else we hope you love.

#2. The Curry Guy

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Although you may assume curry is a food reserved for Indian restaurants and late-night takeout cravings, many dishes are just as easy to make at home. From Thai to Vietnamese and everything in between, hot chilli is one of those easy-to-make dishes that tastes even better when homemade.

Whether you opt for a quick stir fry or have time to slow roast your protein of choice, there are plenty of ways to make a delicious hot chilli meal at home.

In 2010, Dan started The Curry Guy to share his love for Indian food. He began blogging to learn more about spices and developed his unique dishes.

During the blog launch, he and his family ate only curries for a year, which caught the attention of major news outlets.

Dan’s recipes have continued evolving over the years, and now he has 7 cookbooks published on British Indian Curry House recipes.

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#3. Sinfully Spicy

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Tanvi moved to the US and started missing her home country. Cooking became a way to connect to her culture, so she began sharing her recipes online.

Based in Las Vegas, Tanvi shares North Indian recipes that she cooks, from main meals to side dishes and desserts. Her blog is full of delicious recipes bursting with spice and flavor. You’ll find both vegetarian and meat-based dishes.

Sinfully Spicy recipes are a multicultural approach to Indian cooking, which means you’ll find traditional Indian dishes and modern twists on family favorites. I also incorporate their culinary fusion ideas in delicious and easy-to-make meals!

#4. Korean Bapsang

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Hyosun’s passion for cooking began with her Korean family tradition and culture. In 2009, she started blogging about Korean recipes to teach her children about their heritage.

This gained her a lot of popularity, and in addition to the New York Times and Washington Post, Hyosun has been featured by the Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Saveur, and many others.

It can be tough to find easy-to-make spicy recipes that are authentic. Luckily, Hyosun has more than 50 on her blog with easy-to-follow steps and advice on where to get ingredients. Give her Gochujang recipe a try or her Korean Fried Chicken recipe with a spicy sauce.

Hyosun is a food blogger who creates many fiery recipes people love reading and making. Her spicy Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes) recipe is her most popular recipe.

#5. Stella N Spice

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Stella, born and raised in the U.S., is best known for her spicy Korean and Mexican recipes, which she shares on TikTok and Instagram. As a professional bartender who studied Accounting, Stella decided to pursue cooking because of her love for the Food Network and her mother’s delicious recipes.

These days, her focus is creating inspiring dishes to share with followers from all over the world.

With recipes that include homestyle Korean dishes like Spicy Cold Noodles, and traditional Mexican food like Elotes (spicy corn) or Mangonadas Paletas (a sweet mango popsicle), she has become an inspiration for many food lovers across the globe.

Stella’s blog’s most popular recipe or content is her tortas ahogadas. It’s one of Stella’s favorite Mexican dishes, and it will look mouthwatering when the recipe is published.

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8 Hot Chilli Food You Ought to Eat

Eating hot chilli food not only gives you a warm and spicy taste, but it also helps stimulate your body. Therefore, we should eat more of these foods to stay healthy. Here are 8 types of hot chilli food we should eat

#1. Suicide Chicken Wings, America

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

There is nothing not to love about this spicy food dish. It is not called suicide chicken wings for nothing. Need more information about the suicide mission?

This dish is made from chopped chilies, hot red-chili sauce, pepper, and more red chili flakes. This dish contains Korean, Mexican, and Chinese peppers, and it is no surprise that if you’re not used to high-level spices, it is called suicide.

#2. Hot Chilli Pluckers Wing Bar

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Pluckers Wing Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and throughout Texas is better, using dry rubs which don’t cause you to constantly wipe your fingers.

Chili Lime Dry Rub Wings from Pluckers are an amazing example because the citrus from lime, salt from sea salt, and spice from chili come together to make the most savory wing ever without even a single additional condiment.

They are also some of the largest wings available since they originate from Texas. The wings at Pluckers are colossal and savory, able to fill you up by themselves.

Although it is possible to share at Pluckers, we recommend that you order more because there are plenty of other selections on the menu to consider.

Furthermore, at this restaurant, you’ll be able to take advantage of regular specials and happy hours, meaning you won’t go bankrupt buying here.

#3. Sichuan Hot-Pot, China:

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

This spicy dish is consumed primarily in winter to boost blood flow and is a type of hot pot that can make your tongue go numb from the hot spiciness. A popular hot pot dish offers food that caters to everyone’s preferences.

The main ingredients include onions, garlic, ginger, and Sichuan peppers with a variety of meats like pork, beef, or poultry, as well as vegetables, mushrooms, and offal like duck blood and pig’s brain. This pot also contains soy sauce, fish sauce, and vegetables.

If desired, diners may request extra chilies and chili oil to add extra spice. Keep your mouth closed because many foreigners have commented they couldn’t taste anything for weeks due to it being numb!

You don’t want to miss out:

#4. Original Doozy dry-rubbed boneless wings

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Wing Doozy is in West Michigan, and they dish out creatively styled wings with various sauces. While you’re there, have a taste of their boneless chicken bites. The dry rub boneless chicken is cooked fresh to order and covered in all the same delicious spices and sauces as traditional wings.

At Wing Doozy, the dry-rubbed boneless wings are one example of how their flavors are always on point. Add that together with the ability to enjoy your food without any problems from bones or too much mess, and it’s clear that Wing Doozy is a winner when it comes to whole-wing dishes.

If you want some fries or onion rings to go with your whole wing, you’ll be in for a yummy dinner!

#5. Kimchi Jjigae, Korea

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Korean people know how to make spicy food, and Kimchi Jjigae is one of the most famous dishes. It’s just a stew and tastes spicy, even without chili.

In cooking, you need lots of scallions, garlic, mushrooms, tofu, red chilies, and vinegar. Then you boil it for a long time so the broth is spicier than you’d expect. The dish is served hot and spicy enough to require both a water toilet and a fire extinguisher!

This joke is old but funny: People say that the east uses water toilets instead of tissues because the food needs water and a fire extinguisher.

#6. Vindaloo, India: This dish is spicy with a little kick.

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Goa is an Indian state that has been under Portuguese rule for over 500 years, and the foods there have adapted to many Portuguese tastes.

The original pork-based version is preserved in red wine, garlic pods, and green peppers. The Goans made it slightly spicier with palm vinegar, Indian green and Kashmiri red chilies, and other spices like cinnamon, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and more.

Present-day versions use the hottest chili in the world called “bhoot Jolokia” or “the dreaded ghost chilly.” Eat this spicy curry from India with fermented rice idlies called sannas to shock your taste buds!

#7. Wings with lemon pepper and chilli

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

The Wing Factory in Atlanta serves up lemon pepper chicken wings that will have your taste buds doing back flips. Chicken breast and lemon are traditional flavors for entrees, so the flavor is natural on wings because of its crispy fried skin.

For those looking for something less spicy, Wing Factory has milder options to go with blue cheese and veggies. The restaurant’s friendly staff and casual atmosphere make for a great combination.

In addition to its amazing chicken wings, Wing Factory also serves a variety of mouthwatering sides, like tater tots or house-cut fries-everyone can find their favorite!

#8. Classic hot chilli wings

Chilli Lovers Rejoice! 5 Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Just for You

Buffalo is known for its food. This place is one of our favorites, and it features gigantic burgers and saucy, flavor-packed wings on a stick (complete with carrots and celery).

You can also order the original chicken wing here. Classic hot wings here come with blue cheese dressing and will leave your lips slightly burning from the flavor. There are also suicide wings that provide hours and hours of heat!

However, be cautious when ordering because you never know how Buffalonians will react to your meal. Always go for the mild wing sauce options, and turn up the heat if you want more room to play with.

How can I deal with the pain from those hot peppers?

As you probably know, chillies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are mild, and some are so hot they will take your head off! Whether you want to add a bit of spice to your meals or need help dealing with that particularly fiery chilli, here’s everything you need to know about dealing with hot chilli.

Be sure to drink plenty of water! But which drink should you reach for when those red-hot peppers burn your tongue?

There is some evidence that beer can numb your pain receptors; however, beer isn’t recommended because it contains high amounts of salt that could compound any negative health impacts from eating too many spicy dishes.

Water is always a good choice, as it helps flush away capsaicin (the chemical that gives chillies their heat) from your mouth.

Milk may seem odd, but there’s some science behind drinking milk after consuming something spicy. The protein found in milk binds to capsaicin molecules and makes them less likely to bind to pain receptors on our skin cells, thereby reducing our sensitivity to their effects.

It’s also important not to touch your eyes or face after handling chilies – even if you’re wearing protective gloves – as capsaicin can easily penetrate through skin pores and cause serious irritation.

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