How to Dress to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed While Traveling

How to Dress to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed While Traveling

Even if you’re not a frequent traveler, you’re probably aware of the importance of wearing your best clothes during a trip. Besides the need to look snap-worthy, you must also ensure that your clothes are comfortable enough and don’t invite unwanted attention, especially from street thieves in an unfamiliar place.

That said, it’s still possible to strike that balance between style and safety. Nobody wants to be susceptible to petty crimes, but you can still look good while dressing efficiently for the streets.

With that in mind, here are some tips on risk-proofing travel outfits for a smoother and more worry-free getaway.

How to Dress to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed While Traveling

Wear Close-Fitting Pants

How to Dress to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed While Traveling

A pickpocket’s eyes are trained to spot phones, bills, and wallets hanging from the jeans of an oblivious traveler. While it’s generally a good practice to be mindful of the things you put in your pockets (especially your hind pockets), you can still mitigate the chances of being the next pickpocketing victim by wearing fitted bottoms.

Fitted pants, tights, and leggings are great staple pieces and garments that can discourage petty thieves from closing in on you. Tights and leggings, in particular, are generally great for traveling since they hug your body and allow easy movement.

Some leggings also have zippered pockets that can serve as a deterrent for pickpockets. If you want to stay stylish yet theft-proof, you may want to invest in items like denim leggings with pockets that allow you to conceal your most valuable items.

Use a Street-Friendly Bag

How to Dress to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed While Traveling

Pickpockets love targeting purses and handbags because they’re easy to pry open and snatch while on the move. Most of the time, street thieves go for bags such as drawstring purses, clutch bags, and shoulder bags, particularly the large ones with enough room for a hand to slide into.

If you prefer bags designed specifically to prevent thievery, you can opt for an anti-theft bag with features such as cut-proof fabric, hidden zippers, and lock mechanisms.

On the other hand, you can go for sling bags, messenger bags, or crossbody bags that you can constantly keep in front of you. It’s also ideal for your bag to have enough room to store items such as books or cameras so that you can keep your hands as free as possible.

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Dress to Blend In

Nothing attracts bandits more than lost-looking tourists that stick out like a sore thumb. When out and about, ensure your clothing is discreet and won’t make you look like a tourist at first glance.

Keep it casual with muted clothes you can wear pretty much anywhere. Shorts also evoke a “tourist” vibe, so it may be best to avoid wearing them, especially in crowded and unfamiliar places.

Casualwear is usually good enough for blending in. Still, you can add some style to your travel wardrobe by including a simple A-line midi dress, ankle-length pants or leggings, and a basic top under a cardigan or military jacket.

When selecting jackets, it’s best to choose those with hidden pockets to hold small valuables such as your phone and wallet when your hands are temporarily full with street food or shopping bags.

Mind Your Shoes

On a related note, it’s also vital that your footwear is barely noticeable in a crowd. Designer running shoes and footwear unsuitable for walking, such as stilettos and heeled boots, frequently give tourists away.

When traveling, it’s best to wear nondescript or minimalist walking shoes that match any outfit and don’t draw too much attention.

In addition, it would be a good idea not to wear sneakers with constantly unraveling laces. Besides being a nuisance, periodically moving into a corner to tie your laces will draw your focus away from your belongings. The safest way to go about your footwear is to wear shoes that don’t need to be tied with laces.

Avoid Wearing Too Many Accessories

How to Dress to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed While Traveling

Aside from phones and wallets, jewelry is another common item on a pickpocket’s priority list. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry such as hoop earrings, diamond pendants, and designer watches as much as possible.

Rather than statement pieces, consider dainty accessories that don’t draw too much attention. Veer away from jewelry made from expensive materials such as gold, silver, and pearls, as they invite more pickpocketing risks.

Invest in Underwear with Zippered Pockets

Sleep is unavoidable on long-haul journeys, especially when traveling by bus or train. To keep your small valuables hidden and as close to you as possible, you can put them inside travel-friendly underwear with zippered pockets.

You can check out various options for bikini briefs that fit snugly yet still conceal your most important belongings from thieving eyes.

Reminders Before You Head Out the Door

Staying safe on your travels doesn’t stop with choosing the least conspicuous outfits for traveling. Check your clothes and bags for signs of damage, such as holes, broken clasps, and jammed zippers, as these issues can make you vulnerable.

Furthermore, it pays to be mindful of your surroundings and trust your gut when something feels off. Exploring a picturesque town or city can get you focused at the moment, but you need to remember that you’re still sharing space with strangers.

So, before you embark on your next adventure, stay safe and make the most of your travels by wearing outfits that provide style and peace of mind.

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