4 Things to Remember When Moving to Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Why would anyone want to move permanently to Antigua and Barbuda? The right question is, why wouldn’t anyone?

Antigua and Barbuda are the two islands that mainly make up the country of the same name, found in the eastern Caribbean Sea right where it joins the Atlantic Ocean.

Yes, Antigua and Barbuda has warm weather and only two seasons, wet and dry, and it is perfect, considering it has a total of 365 gorgeous beaches you can enjoy year-round.

Indeed, you can apply for Antigua citizenship through an investment program and move permanently to Antigua and Barbuda if you envision living the rest of your life like one long beach holiday.

As a bonus, an Antigua and Barbuda passport should give you visa-free access to 150 destinations globally.

4 Things to Remember When Moving to Antigua and Barbuda

Therefore, if you ever need a break from Antigua and Barbuda’s tropical climate and gorgeous scenery (Why would you? But just in case), it should be easy enough to pack your bags and travel to any other country you wish to see or visit.

You can go gallivanting off to Europe if you want. Go adventuring on the ski slopes of Switzerland, enjoy shopping in France, and do a leisurely crawl of the wine valleys of Italy.

You can also visit Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. The world is your oyster with an Antigua and Barbuda passport and citizenship.

Read on if you’re seriously considering living the “ex-pat in the Caribbean” dream. Remember the following things if you plan to move to Antigua and Barbuda.

4 Things to Remember When Moving to Antigua and Barbuda

#1. Purchase Real Estate and Use it to Apply for Citizenship.

4 Things to Remember When Moving to Antigua and Barbuda

You can become an Antigua and Barbuda citizen either by donation or investment.

By Donation

This method entails making a one-time monetary contribution. You have two options under this method: donating to the National Development Fund and the University of West Indies Fund.

Contributions to the National Development Fund start at USD 100,000 for a sole applicant or a family of four. Meanwhile, donations to the University of the West Indies Fund begin at USD 150,000 for a family of six members.

By Investment

Under this method, you can invest in a business or real estate.

First, you can make a solo investment worth at least USD 1,500,000 in an approved business. Alternatively, you can invest USD 5,000,000 jointly with others as long as every group member contributes at least USD 400,000 to the fund pool.

You can also buy property worth at least USD 400,000 that is part of a project or development that the government has already approved or set aside for citizenship applications.

You and a related person can even band together to buy a property valued at USD 400,000 or greater for use for your citizenship by investment application as long as each of you contributes at least USD 200,000.

The contribution route is less expensive than the investment route. However, the investment route is more practical. Contributions are one-time expenses. In contrast, investments provide returns.

If you want to move to Antigua and Barbuda, you can get citizenship by investing in a business or buying real estate. However, buying real estate is the better choice if you want citizenship so you can move there.

Why not buy a house so you will have somewhere to live in the country and then use the real estate purchase to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship? It’s brilliant. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

Apply for citizenship before you decide to move to Antigua and Barbuda. Becoming a citizen will let you and your family live and work without restrictions in this country.

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#2. Do Not Sell your Citizenship by Investment Properties.

4 Things to Remember When Moving to Antigua and Barbuda

If you used the real estate purchase route to obtain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, remember that you cannot sell the property you bought (i.e., your citizenship by investment property) within five years of its purchase.

However, the law does provide a way around this stipulation. If you wish to sell your citizenship by investment property before the five years are up, you may do so if you buy a replacement property that meets citizenship by investment requirements.

#3. Get Health Insurance With Global Coverage.

4 Things to Remember When Moving to Antigua and Barbuda

Procure health insurance that gives you and your family comprehensive health care in Antigua and Barbuda. This is a precaution you should take no matter where you decide to live.

Make sure your health insurance provides you with global coverage. The medical facilities in Antigua and Barbuda should be more than enough for your everyday healthcare needs.

There is also a sufficient number of general practitioners and specialists in the country. However, if a procedure you need to be performed or treatment you must get that is not offered locally, a health insurance plan with global coverage will make it very convenient to procure care elsewhere.

Your Antigua and Barbuda passport lets you go to some of the most medically advanced places in the world without a visa, which is a big help. With global health insurance, if you need advanced care, you can go to Germany or Switzerland.

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#4. You Need Air-Conditioning in Antigua and Barbuda.

Air-conditioning is crucial if you’re used to much cooler climes. It can be relatively humid in Antigua and Barbuda, and those unaccustomed to heat and humidity could find it challenging to get acclimatized, at least at first.

To ease your adjustment, equip your home with powerful air-conditioning. This would ensure you can have a haven of comfort when needed.

To help you save on the cost of electricity, use renewable energy. Solar panels and an off-the-grid renewable energy system will help you save on electricity costs and provide you with an independent and reliable energy source.

The Start of a Life-Long Vacation

Are you retiring soon? You may be able to live and work from anywhere on the planet. No matter your situation, if you want to live your life like one long vacation on a lush tropical island, you should buy property, apply for citizenship, and move permanently to Antigua and Barbuda.

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