Why Private Charter Cruises Are Better than Large Cruise Lines

Why Private Charter Cruises Are Better than Large Cruise Lines

People often ask this question: why are private charter cruises better than large cruise lines? The ultimate dilemma when it comes to cruising is whether you should book a large cruise ship or opt for a private charter.

We’ve come to your rescue with our list of benefits and advantages when booking a private charter cruise.

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Why Private Charter Cruises Are Better than Large Cruise Lines

More Activities

While there are a lot of activities to enjoy on a large cruise ship, on the private charter cruise, you often have additional activities to choose from that are catered to a more personal audience. Fishing, snorkelling, swimming, and sunbathing on the beach are only some of them.

Most private cruises offer rafting, kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, waterskiing, yoga, or even paddleboarding. It sounds pretty amazing, no?

Additionally, there are a lot of local shops and villages to explore onshore and do some local shopping. On the private yacht, you can reach the unspoiled beaches that can’t be seen or accessed via a large cruise. There are plenty of activities to take part in with your family or individually.

On the large cruises, the shore excursions are limited, mainly due to the time and number of passengers they must deal with.

Sometimes the only free time you’ll get is a couple of hours in a particular port. And before you are asked to board back, the time has passed, and you haven’t visited anything. Charter cruises provide great activities to enjoy, including water sports.

For example Croatian small ship cruises in 2024 will offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the stunning Adriatic coastline and its numerous islands while enabling you to choose from a variety of activities like jet skis, sea scooters and snorkelling.

Why Private Charter Cruises Are Better than Large Cruise Lines
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Additional Freedom

When travelling, most people want the freedom to organize their itinerary and plan their trip. On a private cruise, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You’ll have the full freedom in this world to do what you like and enjoy your private environment. 

The private charter offers additional services like cooking your favourite meals. The crew can help you explore your options while onboard, so you’ll have the final say on what you’ll do.

More Privacy and Intimacy

Most cruise companies accommodate over 3000; some even have as many as 6000 passengers on board each cruising trip. All these guests share the same spaces and amenities, so it tends to be crowded. On the other hand, a private charter cruise feels more private and intimate.

A private charter can be rented entirely by you or your family. While on the cruise, you get to mix with thousands more strangers.

On the private charter, all of that space is just yours. You don’t have to worry about privacy and intimacy on such a trip. Activities will always be available based on your timing and schedule, so there is no need to book them beforehand.

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Boosted Safety Measures

There’s a real concern among passengers regarding safety measures, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The spread of viruses and germs increased due to the shared dining and activity spaces.

For that purpose, the private charter cruises set up rules for a much safer experience since the common areas are disinfected during and before each charter. And you can easily plan your trip during a pandemic where you can be socially distant and avoid crowded restaurants and locals.

Why Private Charter Cruises Are Better than Large Cruise Lines
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Private charter guests have the freedom and flexibility to organize their itinerary and onboard activities. You can choose the place of your stay, book a shore excursion, help the chef prepare the menu based on your preferences, organize your days, and have enough time to visit everything planned.

Private charters deliver exceptional customer service, and all your needs will be met regarding the guest’s requests. You will always have someone to help you plan your itinerary, fill your glasses, and provide meal service.

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A Unique Experience

Sailing to the idyllic Bahamas or indulgent Hawaii can be as exciting. If you are looking for a one-of-a-lifetime experience, the private charter can grant you all of the luxuries and aesthetics of such travel.

Since the end of 2020, there has been an increase in demand for private charter cruises, given their strict safety measures while vacationing.

A private cruise is an unforgettable experience because the charters are tailor-made for such vacations so they can cater to smaller groups of passengers.

Are large cruise ships more stable?

The huge, shape-shifting cruise liners are far less stable than the much smaller, more elegant yachts. This may seem like an odd complaint for a cruise line but consider the circumstances.

The large ships are bound to travel through much more turbulent waters than a yacht, and the harder the wind blows, the less stable the ship will be. Let’s say you’re on a ship that has a rating of 80% stability.

That means that the ship is perfectly stable on a scale of 0-100, but you’re at 80% of its weight. A yacht with the same load-carrying capacity will have a rating of 90% stability.

Which is better, cruise or yacht?

In theory, you could take your yacht to the same places, but you’d likely be much more comfortable with a much larger ship. Also, consider the additional expenses a private charter boat might incur.

A private boat charter might cost more than a large cruise line ticket, but it’s important to consider the additional activities you’ll enjoy and whether they’re worth it.

However, a private boat has one downside – You need someone to care for any problem your boat experiences. You can solve this problem by hiring someone. Visit boatoutfitters.com to seek expert help.

Which cruise line is considered the best?

The best cruise line in the world is Royal Caribbean. No one ever said they have to be the only line. Any other large cruise line in the world can easily be replaced with one of its private charters.

Why are smaller cruise ships better?

Smaller ships is better because big cruise ships are much more likely to experience mechanical problems and breakdowns. When this happens, other passengers will likely be left stranded as well. Big ships are much more expensive to maintain than smaller ones.

What are the advantages of larger ships?

Larger ships are more stable due to their larger hulls. This means the ship is less likely to rock and capsize in rough waters. You’re also likely to be able to find a larger crowd on a larger ship.

What is the largest private yacht in the world?

The largest private yacht in the world is the Westwind, owned by the Aga Khan. It cost the Aga Khan Trust for Culture to purchase the yacht, registered in his name.

Which cruise line is most luxurious?

Elegant lines and flowing haute couture are standard on large cruise ships. The Taj of the Caribbean, a private yacht, is a prime example of this. The Taj is a registered yacht and is considered the most luxurious yacht in the world.

Haven’t Decided Yet?

It can be challenging to make a decision right away when it comes to vacationing at sea, so inform yourself as much as possible, sleep on it and then decide. We hope we can make your decision a bit easier, so please feel free to check our blog for more information and similar content.

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