20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

Are you in search of the best and most fun things to do on your visit to Abingdon, Virginia? Then you are on the right page.

The lovely town of Abingdon is located on Virginia’s southernmost outskirts, in a place where many things converge. It serves as the end of the lengthy and stunning Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail because of its special location. The majority of the buildings you will see in this famous location date back to the late 1700s.South Holston Lake’s northernmost tip and the center of the Blue Ridge Mountains are located on its borders.

There are many historical places to see because these characteristics have made it a significant human settlement for hundreds of years. High-elevation natural attractions can be found all around for outdoor enthusiasts, nature enthusiasts, and everyone in between. There are actually so many things to do in Bayfield that you might wish to extend your trip by one or two days!

Choosing which sights to visit or attractions to visit in Abingdon might be difficult. Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most fun things to do in Abingdon to help you plan your next trip. In this article, we have listed 20 things to do in Abingdon.

Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

1. Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail is located in Abingdon, Virginia. This place serves as the primary starting point for many tourists’ road trips. The 35-mile trail weaves through numerous Virginia towns and cities.

The second route is at Whitetop, not far from the borders of North Carolina. Visitors will see the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area and other locations while traveling. Large forested regions, creeks and rivers, and recognizable landmarks in numerous communities are a few of these attractions.

Although horseback riding and cycling are permitted on the property, the trail is better enjoyed on foot because you can take in the area’s most breathtaking sights. Whatever you decide, take care not to move too quickly. You appreciate this route’s gorgeous vistas, tiny villages, and valleys.

Address: Abingdon, Virginia, United States

2. Tavern Restaurant and Bar

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Tavern Restaurant and Bar is housed in one of Abingdon’s oldest and most historic buildings. The tavern was constructed in 1779 as an inn for tourists on stagecoaches. Esteemed guests like President Andrew Jackson, well-known designer Charles L’Enfant, and King Louis-Philippe of France have frequented the bar.

The structure had previously housed a bakery, cabinet shop, post office, general store, barbershop, and bakery over the years. Before becoming a rest stop, it had also been used as a private residence. The building also held a post office, general store, bakery, barbershop, and other businesses over the years. Even before being used as a restaurant, it was a private home.

Enjoy the variety of meals, appetizers, salads, beverages, and souls they provide. You can also sample some of their specialty dishes, such as their complete rack of lamb from New Zealand.

Address: 222 E Main St, Abingdon, VA 24210

3. Barter Theater

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Barter Theater in Abingdon, Virginia, is the third item on our list. This place should be on your list of things to do in Abingdon, Virginia since it provides guests with a variety of entertainment alternatives.

Theater performers had a difficult time getting people to support them by purchasing their tickets during the Great Depression. To change this, the players put on plays in exchange for farm goods and veggies. And that is where the theater’s name, “Barter,” came from and its long history is still recognized today.

This location is regarded as the theater that has been the most reliable since 1933. Famous actors’ careers began here in the 1940s and 1950s, and it has consistently produced gifted artists over the years.

While visiting this lovely town, experience first-class performances and shows for yourself.

Address: 127 W Main St, Abingdon, VA 24210

4. White’s Mill

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The White’s Mill is a well-known attraction in Abingdon; it has been standing in this area since the 18th century and is an iconic landmark. This location has been committed to giving the locals of this area food and flour for their fields and kitchens. The White’s Mill was one of Abingdon’s main attractions as well as a gathering place for information broadcasting.

Also, visitors can buy handcrafted presents for themselves and loved ones, such as books authored by Appalachian authors, quilts, artwork, and more, in addition to flour and meals.

Address: 1780 Muster Pl, Abingdon, VA 24210, United States

5. Abingdon Farmers Market

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

One of the many wonderful markets you may discover in this region of Appalachia is the Abingdon Farmers Market. The best way to experience the rich, arid plains of the Blue Ridge Hu Mountains’ fresh agricultural food is to come here.

Make sure to visit on Tuesdays and Saturdays so you may choose some of the fresh farm products grown by nearby farmers. Here, you may find the best of everything, including in-season fruits and vegetables as well as nutritious root crops. You can purchase soaps, preserves, and delectable baked goods in addition to the farm’s fresh crops.

Add this to your list of places to visit in Abingdon as one of the best markets for fresh produce is located here.

Address: Remsburg Dr &, Cummings St, Abingdon, VA 24210

6. Abingdon Muster Grounds

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

Abingdon was a key player in the American revolution because of its geographic location. The Abingdon Muster Grounds are a great place to learn about the iconic events that took place here during the battle.
A nine-acre site known as the Abingdon Muster Grounds houses structures and buildings that reflect the history of the Colonial Backcountry. The Abingdon Muster Grounds also houses the northern side trailhead for the Overmountain Victory Trail, so it’s not just about historical buildings.

Visitors can learn about the many events that affected African Americans, Overmountain Men, Native Americans, and other groups of people at this location.

7.  Martha Washington spa

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

If you are exhausted after spending many hours sightseeing and visiting the entire town of Abingdon, you might need a special spot to relax and reenergize yourself. Then you should visit the Martha Washington spa.

This elegant and tastefully decorated tower will transport you back in time to see how this family went about their daily lives. It has a distinguishing feature to look out for called the Dutch-baroque Grandfather clock that will catch your attention.

This is the perfect location for couples to have a romantic weekend away while still taking in the amazing history of this town. Visitors can still relax at their magnificent spa and have a delectable dinner at their restaurant.

Abingdon, VA 24210, USA

8. Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center is must visit place for you if you want to have an entertaining time on your visit to this city. Harry L. Coomes Recreation Center is a modern facility for many sports and fitness pursuits. The Recreation Department and Abingdon Parks call the 1994-built building home.

This facility coordinates community activities and programs that assist locals and guests in bettering their physical welfare. All year long, these activities are held. It provides guests’ families with plenty of opportunities for daylong play, swimming, and relaxation.

The resort also has an indoor and outdoor pool where guests may take a refreshing dip or complete some nice laps. Outdoor walking pathways, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a disc golf course, and others are available.

Address: 300 Stanley St, Abingdon, VA 24210,

9. St. Episcopal Church

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

Every traveler would love to view the St. Episcopal Church, which was built in 1864 and has stunning architecture. This place should be a must-see on your visit to this city, especially for religious folks.

You get to see the two lovely statues of “Life of Christ” paintings in the Byzantine style which is found on the stucco sanctuary walls of the church. The events from Christ’s Annunciation to his Post-Resurrection are shown in numerous icon series.

This church was established in 1841, and John Johns dedicated it in 1846. Despite being a popular site for religious people, it is also a great location for everyone who enjoys art.

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10. Rain Restaurant and Bar

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Rain Restaurant and Bar is located in Abingdon’s historic downtown. The well-known company was founded in 2010 and has since developed into an excellent attraction for tourists to see and enjoy delectable dishes.

There is a wide variety of cuisine available from their apparent menu, and the people you will encounter here are skilled at performing their duties. The confit sriracha chicken wings and the heirloom tomato salad with fresh mozzarella are two of the most wonderful cuisine here.
The indoor patio here is a great place for informal gatherings with friends and coworkers because it offers a fun time in a calm environment.

Address: 124 E Main St, Abingdon, VA 24210

11. Riverside Campground

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Riverside Campground is one of the top things to do in Abingdon, Virginia if you’re organizing a wonderful weekend with friends and family. Due to the abundance of sites for conventional tents and RVs, this location provides tourists with a wide range of excursions to partake in.

The facility underwent several installations, including the store, on-site laundry, and connections, to improve the road trip experience. After exploring the trails for hours, visitors can relax at the pool or play arcade games, among other activities.

Address: 18496 N Fork River Rd, Abingdon, VA 24210

12. Little Daydreamers

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Little Daydreamers is an indoor playground and party area for children under the age of ten, so taking the kids there is a necessity if you want to have a wonderful vacation with them.

Many families enjoy coming here to have a good time in a tidy, secure, and entertaining environment where kids can interact with one another and work up a sweat while still getting in some healthy exercise. Parents and guardians are not excluded from the fun since they may mingle with one another, unwind, and watch their children play while savoring a delicious cup of coffee.

The location is open all year for tourists, but visits may not be possible if it is being rented out for a party. It should be high on your list of must-do activities in Abingdon, Virginia since it is unquestionably a great site to take your children.

Address: 125 Charwood Dr, Abingdon, VA 24210

13. William King Museum of Art

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

If you enjoy history, the William King Museum of Art is a terrific destination to visit. It was known that the museum was formerly a school. You definitely don’t want to skip this place while you’re in town.

The general public is welcome to visit the museum. This region of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is an important center for the visual arts.

Visitors can view the art collections of local artists, which also highlight the museum’s galleries. Additionally, there are pieces by well-known and renowned artists on display, including changing exhibitions that feature the winners of earlier sculpture competitions.

Address: 415 Academy Dr. NW, Abingdon, VA 24210

14. Glenrochie Country Club

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Glenrochie Country Club, a private golf course set on the sloping hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, provides stunning views and a variety of activities for guests. The Country Club’s 18-hole golf course, which takes up a significant portion of the grounds, is gorgeous. It began as a nine-hole course but over time expanded because of recent site improvements.

The golf course’s original nine holes are located in a flat area, making them enjoyable for both experienced players and newcomers. The other holes are in mountainous terrain and call for flawless iron play and superior playing abilities.

You can also check out the club’s other amenities, like its tennis courts and enormous lap pool. You may also visit their delicious restaurant to sample the delicious cuisine offered there.

Address: 200 Clubhouse Dr, Abingdon, VA 24211

15. Southwest Virginia Cultural Center and Marketplace

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Southwest Virginia Cultural Center and Marketplace is an excellent site to learn about the history of this location. This location is dedicated to enriching the local culture through music, art activities, and artwork.

If you enjoy music, you should check out Crooked Road, a major attraction in this area where guests can learn about the background of American Country music and attend live performances by well-known performers.

Artistic products made by indigenous inhabitants, such as glasswork fabrics, paintings, and various handmade objects, are available for purchase by tourists.

Address: Abingdon, Virginia, United States

16. Main street

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

If you enjoy fantastic food, Main Street is one of the best places to go. This is a fantastic location to savor the greatest delectable foods. The main street, which takes up a large portion of the town, is where residents and guests can fill their bellies with the finest cuisine.

Address: Abingdon, Virginia, United States

17. Art Depot

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The Art Depot on Abingdon is a popular art venue in the neighborhood that is housed in a historic train station that dates back to the 1860s. The location has modern galleries and studios where artists can display their works.

Here, you can find sculptures, paintings, and other exquisite works of art created by the town’s talented artists. You can admire their many artistic demonstrations, including their watercolor paintings, jewelry creations, clay sculptures, cloth weaving, and many others.

Address: 314 Depot Square SW, Abingdon, VA 24210

18. South Holston Lake

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The lovely South Holston Lake is the most notable body of water in this region, which also functions as an irrigation system for the nearby agricultural fields. The lake takes up 7,580 acres of land. It is the perfect location for water enjoyment because Virginia receives water from its northern region

You can participate in many enjoyable at South Holston Lake such as kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. Fishing in the lake for freshwater species including catfish, wallets, and smallmouth bass allows visitors to test their fishing prowess.

Address: Abingdon, Virginia, United States.

19. Washington County Park

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

The magnificent Washington County Park, which is located only a few yards from the Tennessee state line is one wonderful attraction you shouldn’t miss out on during your visit to this city.

You should explore the golden beaches, playgrounds, campgrounds, and other lovely attractions. The campgrounds at this park include Wolf Lair Campground and Lake Shore Campground. Both include modern amenities, spaces for tents and RVs, and water and electrical hookups.

You can engage in a variety of outdoor pursuits while camping, including hiking, swimming, and tanning on the beaches. The entire family will appreciate the park’s playground, picnic tables, and even its Wi-Fi connection.

Address: 19482 County Park Rd, Abingdon, VA 24211

20. Salt of the Earth

20 Fun things to do in Abingdon, Virginia

Salt of the Earth provides unique massage treatments as a means of fostering both physical and mental well-being.

They strive to offer their clients leisure, relaxation, well-being, and rejuvenation in everything they do.

They offer salt therapy, an effective, all-natural procedure that remarkably replicates the microclimate of a salt cave.

Some saunas mimic the same infrared wavelengths that the sun emits and that are absorbed by human tissue.

Allow yourself to relax and put your troubles aside as Salt of the Earth renews, revitalizes, and heals your soul.

Address: 321 W Main St, Abingdon, VA 24210, United States

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Final Thought

This location is suitable for a perfect holiday getaway experience with family and friends. Abingdon, Virginia, offers a variety of fun activities. Enjoy every moment of your stay in this lovely town by choosing from our selection of sites to see.

Make sure you save this page as a reference when creating your list of enjoyable activities in Abingdon, Virginia.

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