Is Guam safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Is Guam safe

Most people do ask this question, Is Guam safe? Are you planning a trip to Guam but unsure about the island’s safety? Worry not! Guam is a popular tourist destination in Micronesia, known for its stunning beaches, rich cultural heritage, and diverse cuisine.

However, like any other travel destination, safety concerns should always be a top priority for travelers.

Hence, here at Vast Tourist, we will explore whether Guam is safe and everything you need to know before embarking on your adventure.

Let’s get started.

The crime rate in Guam

Is Guam safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

The crime rate in Guam is relatively low compared to other parts of the United States. In short, Guam is one of the safest destinations in the Pacific region.

However, as with any tourist destination, other petty crimes such as theft, pickpocketing, and vandalism can still occur during your stay there.

But there are ways you can avoid committing these crimes, which include:

  • It would help if you stopped going out unnecessarily at night.
  • Always keep emergency phone numbers handy when anything is bound to happen.
  • Keeping your valuables safe.
  • And lastly, avoid carrying large sums of money around.

By adhering to these tips, we are sure you will not experience all these petty crimes during your stay in Guam.

Natural Disasters in Guam

Is Guam safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Apart from petty crimes, which can be avoided, Guam is also prone to natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis due to its location in the Pacific’s typhoon belt.

But whenever these disasters tend to happen, Guam Homeland Security and Office of Civil Defense (GHS/OCD) has a comprehensive emergency management plan in place to deal with such situations.

In case of a natural disaster, follow the instructions of local authorities and evacuate to designated shelters or higher ground for your safety.

A few safety tips for a natural disaster in Guam include not staying in or entering a partially collapsed or damaged building. And whenever you find one, report it instantly.

For more information on how to plan for natural disasters in Guam, you should check out these resources by COMSUBPAC.

Road Safety in Guam

Is Guam safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Guam’s road safety is similar to that of the United States. However, driving on the island’s narrow, winding roads can be challenging for those unfamiliar.

Therefore, if you think that’s something hard for you, rent a car from a reputable company and follow traffic rules, or always board public transport if any is available. However, public transport in Guam is limited.

In addition, if you still want to rent a car or use yours, always be cautious when driving at night, as some roads may not be well-lit. So if you are moving to Guam, check out the cost of living in Guam!

Beach Safety

Is Guam safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Guam’s beaches are a major tourist attraction but can also be hazardous. Strong currents and undertows can pose a risk to swimmers, especially during the rainy season.

If you’d like to go to any beaches in Guam, like Talofofo Beach, you should always swim in designated areas with lifeguards on duty and follow their instructions.

In addition, you should be wary of jellyfish stings, common in Guam’s waters, during certain times of the year. If you are looking for the perfect spot for diving in Guam, you can check out the wonders of Guam Scuba diving.

Military Presence

Is Guam safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

When it comes to military presence, Guam is home to several US military bases, including Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam.

We know this may cause some concern, but it also means that Guam has a strong security presence.

Guam’s military ensures they work with local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the island’s residents, tourists, and visitors.

Cultural Sensitivity

Moving to Guam

The people of Guam have a rich cultural heritage, and visitors are expected to respect their local customs and traditions no matter what.

The locals are welcoming, but when it comes to their customs and traditions, they don’t joke with them. Some of their customs include dressing modestly when visiting religious sites and being mindful of local taboos.

In addition, if you’d like to enjoy this place more, it is also advisable to learn a few basic phrases in Chamorro, the language of Guam’s indigenous people, as a sign of respect.

Healthcare in Guam

Is Guam safe? Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

Lastly, knowing how healthcare is provided in Guam is important. But Guam has modern medical facilities and well-trained medical professionals.

However, medical care on the island can be expensive, and some insurance policies may not cover treatment outside the United States.

Therefore, if you intend to stay there, you should purchase travel insurance covering medical expenses in an emergency.

So, is Guam safe?

To answer the question, is Guam safe? Yes, Guam is safe, just like every other tourist destination.

However, it is important to be cautious when traveling or moving around in Guam, especially at night.

Therefore, besides other things listed in this article, Guam is safe. So, don’t think any further. Pack your bags, and get ready to experience the beauty and hospitality of Guam!

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