Living In Japan For A Year: What To Explore Around The Country

Living In Japan

If you are Living In Japan a visit will be an unforgettable experience that’ll leave you with treasured memories. But if you stay longer or decide to make it your permanent home, the adventure, and enrichment you’ll gain is beyond imagination. Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, awaits you with open arms. 

Suppose you’re one of the many people who dream of living in Japan and are finally making it happen, congratulations! Even if you’re not in it for the long haul, living in Japan for even a year is something to look forward to.

Japan is a land of countless opportunities and possibilities, and there are plenty of reasons why people choose to stay there long-term.  

Perhaps you’re attracted to the booming job market or the rich cultural heritage. Maybe you fell in love with the country’s unique charm and friendly people. Now that you’re ready to make Japan your new home, it’s time you keep a list of what to explore around the country so you can make the best of your one-year stay. 

Exploring Your Living Options 

Living In Japan For A Year: What To Explore Around The Country

Housing in Japan, especially in bustling urban areas, can be daunting. With space at a premium and rent prices soaring high, it’s no surprise that many people struggle to secure a place to call home.  

Thankfully, various resources and services are available to assist you in your housing search. If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in Tokyo, Daikanyama, Nakameguro, and Aoyama are some of the most excellent options for ex-pats looking for a harmonious combination of luxury and convenience.  

If you’re worried about the cost of living, you can consider apartment-sharing services, which are becoming increasingly popular among ex-pats and locals.

Alternatively, international real estate agents can also be a valuable resource for finding affordable and suitable accommodation that meets your needs. 

So don’t fret; with research and help from these resources, you’ll soon find a cozy and comfortable place to settle in this fascinating country. 

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Exploring The Transportation System 

Living In Japan For A Year: What To Explore Around The Country

With its well-developed public transportation system, owning a vehicle in Japan is hardly necessary. Whether you prefer taking buses, trains, or taxis, you can be assured of getting to your desired destination without much hassle.

Trains, in particular, run like clockwork and arrive every 5-10 minutes, providing a reliable and efficient mode of transportation that can get you anywhere you need to go in no time. 

Besides trains, buses are also widely used for transportation in Japan. They’re an excellent option for short city trips or visiting rural areas you can’t reach by train.

Buses are a flexible mode of transportation, as they have multiple stops along their routes. They’re a cost-effective option, too, with fares generally cheaper than trains. 

If you prefer a more convenient and direct mode of transportation, taxis are readily available throughout Japan. Taxis can take you to your desired destination without walking to the nearest train or bus station.

Nonetheless, cabs can be more expensive than trains and buses, so it’s essential to factor in the cost when planning your transportation needs. 

Exploring The Japanese Cuisine 

Living In Japan For A Year: What To Explore Around The Country

Japanese food is a feast for the senses because it has many different tastes and textures.

Japanese food is known for using mostly natural ingredients, which makes it a healthy choice for people who want to eat a balanced diet. Japanese meals are lighter, colorful, and more nutritious than the typical American diet. 

Sushi is perhaps one of the most well-known Japanese dishes for good reasons. With various options available, from classic rolls to more experimental creations, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try something new and expand your palate. Who knows? You may discover a new favorite dish! 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when exploring Japanese cuisine like a local: 

  • Explore the amazing variety of snacks available at a Konbini (convenience store.) From savory rice crackers to sweet mochi balls, there’s something for everyone to discover and enjoy. 
  •  Consider trying a unique way of ordering Ramen in Japan—through a vending machine. While it may seem unconventional, this option is popular among locals and tourists. The process is straightforward: insert your money into the machine, choose your desired Ramen flavor and any add-ons, and then take your ticket to the counter to receive your freshly-prepared Ramen. 
  •  Give okonomiyaki a try. This classic Japanese dish can be found nationwide, with a particularly strong presence in Osaka and Hiroshima. Okonomiyaki is a thick and savory pancake made with a batter of flour and eggs filled with cabbage and any other ingredients you choose. In Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, noodles are included as well. 
Living In Japan For A Year: What To Explore Around The Country

Despite Japan’s culinary diversity, living as a vegetarian or vegan may prove challenging due to the frequent use of eggs. It could be argued that Japan is one of the worst places to reside for plant-based eaters. Paradoxically, meat-heavy dishes are uncommon in Japan, yet meat-free options are scarce. 

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Final Thought

For those planning to live in Japan for a year, it’s important to note that while Japan is a fantastic travel destination, the experience of residing, there can be significantly different.

As a traveler, you can immerse yourself in Japanese culture, cuisine, and attractions without dealing with the daily nuances of life. Nonetheless, you may encounter unique challenges as a resident and view the country differently. 

Living overseas for a year offers the opportunity to truly experience the country’s rich history, beauty, and charm. Yet be prepared to face daily challenges that may arise, such as navigating the language barrier, adapting to cultural differences, and finding suitable accommodations.

Despite these challenges, Japan offers an enriching experience worth exploring. 

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