6 Tips To Learn Japanese Before Traveling To Japan

Tips To Learn Japanese

Are you looking for the best Tips To Learn Japanese? Learning a foreign language can be a long and tedious process. But, if you have plans to travel to Japan, you have no option but to learn Japanese ahead of your trip.

Besides being able to move around, knowing Japanese can make your stay fun and fascinating if you plan to spend significant time there.   

Some people find Japanese challenging to learn compared to other languages. However, you can make fast progress if you’re willing to work hard and understand easy methods to learning the language.   

So, if you want to learn Japanese before visiting Japan, here are six tips to get you there quickly: 

#1. Start with the Alphabet

6 Tips To Learn Japanese Before Traveling To Japan

When learning Japanese, start by mastering the alphabet. You must know the three writing systems to read and speak Japanese katakana, hiragana, and kanji. These phonetic scripts serve as syllables for pronouncing the Japanese language.   

Hiragana helps you understand how and why words sound the way they do. Mastering these syllables sets a solid foundation for getting Japan’s native accent.

Katakana syllables are present in non-Japanese terms. Kanji syllables are critical for speaking and writing Japanese because learning them allows you to express yourself differently.   

If you experience challenges memorizing the writing system, consider reciting ancient Japanese poems like Iroha. The poem features all hiragana characters except one.

You could also use children’s and other Japanese songs to acquaint yourself with the alphabet. Turning song lyrics into katakana, hiragana, or kanji helps you get used to Japanese pronunciations.   

You can also use trace sheets to familiarize yourself with the order and direction of Japanese letter strokes.   

#2. Get an English-Japanese Dictionary

6 Tips To Learn Japanese Before Traveling To Japan

When learning Japanese, an English-Japanese dictionary can help you master the language faster. Most people choose to use Google Translate to search for words. Although this service is convenient, you need a more precise tool.   

Instead of relying on Google Translate, find an accurate, easy-to-use Japanese dictionary online or get a reliable dictionary app to check out Japanese characters. An application with bookmarking and word categorization features would be an ideal pick.   

#3. Befriend Native Japanese Speakers

6 Tips To Learn Japanese Before Traveling To Japan

Although making new friends isn’t something you can often do, befriending native Japanese speakers can make a big difference in how you first learn Japanese. Talking to native speakers regularly develops your speech fluency.   

While studying the language on your own is advisable, having someone evaluate how you use specific phrases or words and correct you can prove invaluable.

When working with a friend, let the person understand that you aim to improve your language and need help to achieve your goal.   

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#4. Watch Japanese Plays or Movies

6 Tips To Learn Japanese Before Traveling To Japan

Watching Japanese plays, movies, or TV programs is the other way to learn the Japanese language. This approach lets you pick dialects, slang, and gestures you won’t find in formal lessons.

However, when using this strategy, note that not all words or phrases in the shows are used in everyday speech. Look words up before using them to ensure you get them right.    

#5. Develop a Learning Schedule

6 Tips To Learn Japanese Before Traveling To Japan

Like other types of learning, setting clear goals and having a learning schedule can help you learn Japanese before visiting Japan. Adhering to a strict schedule enables you to understand the language steadily and monitor your progress.   

Remember that the key to speaking Japanese fluently is accumulative study. Instead of trying to learn everything at once, spread your learning over several daily sessions of 30 minutes. A study routine enables you to develop the habit of listening and reading Japanese regularly.   

Be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses as you develop a learning schedule. Talk to your Japanese friend or teacher about what you need to work on and include it in your learning plan to ensure you prioritize it. 

#6. Use Podcasts

6 Tips To Learn Japanese Before Traveling To Japan

You can leverage podcast technology to learn and practice Japanese routinely. Additionally, listening to podcasts expands your knowledge of Japanese culture.

As a beginner, subscribe to podcasts that cover various topics and offer translated scripts. Consider using podcasts that tell stories as well. Listening to varied topics and stories allows you to master more syllables and words.   

Bonus Tip

Playing at Japanese online casinos can be an engaging way to learn the Japanese language. As you navigate through websites and interact with the interface, you will pick up common Japanese words and phrases.

Additionally, many of these websites offer games that are exclusively available in Japan, allowing you to learn more about their culture and customs.

Moreover, the live dealer games available at Japanese online casinos give you the opportunity to converse with Japanese dealers and other players in real time.

This can enhance your speaking and listening skills, as you try to communicate with them. You may also learn some slang and colloquial expressions, which can further enrich your vocabulary.

In conclusion, playing at Japanese online casinos can be an enjoyable and immersive way to learn Japanese. However, it is important to remember that language learning requires consistent practice, so it should not be your only source of study.

Consider supplementing your gameplay with language courses, textbooks, and language exchanges to achieve fluency in Japanese.

Before You Go…

Japanese is widely spoken in Asian countries. As Japan’s national language, you must be able to speak and understand it if you plan to visit the country.

Although Japanese may seem like a complex language to learn, you can master it quickly if you focus on the right things and stay committed.

If you plan to visit Japan and need to know the Japanese language, applying the six tips can help you achieve your goal in record time.

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