32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

things to do in Bangkok

Do the thoughts of things to do in Bangkok kick you off? Well, I have something nice for you. Bangkok is the most popular city in Thailand, with several mind-blowing things to do, It is the capital city of Thailand, formerly called Krung Thep in the Thai language.

It is a great city, unveiling numerous good sights ranging from its floating markets, shopping centres, nightlife, traditional temples and shrines, and lots of them.

Generally, Bangkok is known for ornate shrines, nightlife, and vibrant street life. The facts of numerous busy expressways, flyovers, endless high buildings, skyscrapers, and other billboards advertising several companies, etc., don’t limit Bangkok from its cultural and traditional practices, quite impressive!

Bangkok is a bustling city that entertains millions, if not billions, of visitors annually. With all its endowment, this city of Angels is a must-trip for vacations either for holidays, business trips, etc. 

Take your time, explore Bangkok, and experience these fun things to make the most beautiful vacation. 

Explore with me!

What are the Best Things To Do In Bangkok?

#1. The Quarter Ladprao Hotel

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok is the best place for a first-timer to eat, shop, and explore. From shopping in markets and eating street food to exploring Buddhist temples and living on Ko Chang Island, here are some things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.

Quarter Ladprao is a centrally located hotel that offers affordable rates, with a great location near markets, restaurants, and malls. The hotel also has fantastic views of the city and its surrounding areas from its rooftop pool area.

Quarter Ladprao provides all travelers with complimentary Wi-Fi internet access and an airport pick-up service. For more information or reservations, visit Quarterladprao Hotel here.


#2. Prachak Pet Yang restaurant

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok is a vast city, with many opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, and eating. However, not everyone wants to spend their time and money exploring the city; some want to do one thing and do it well. If that sounds like you, you need to try Prachak Pet Yang restaurant in Chinatown.

One of the most popular dishes here is the moo yang curry with pork belly (RM27). It’s got a unique blend of spicy and sweet ingredients, making it perfect for anyone who loves a good meal. They also serve other dishes like Hua Ku cuo gao or beef stir-fry noodles full of flavor.

Pachak Pet Yang offers excellent service as well as great food, so you’ll have plenty of reasons to come back again and again!

Address: 1415 Charoen Krung Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

#3. Bang Saen Beach

things to do in Bangkok

Bang Saen Beach is the most popular beach in Bangkok. It’s known for its white sand and clear blue waters, making it a popular destination for locals.

If you want to shop in Bangkok, this is one of the best places to go. Bang Saen has a lot of stores and restaurants along the beach that offer everything from souvenirs, clothing, and food from all around Thailand. Some shops are open 24 hours too.

The area also has some famous Buddhist temples like Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun, which are worth checking out if you’re planning on spending a day visiting temples or just relaxing on the beach with friends or family.

#4. Wonder World Extreme Park

things to do in Bangkok

If you are looking for the best things to do in Bangkok, Thailand, then you should visit the wonder world park! This fun-filled amusement park is an excellent place for first-time visitors to Bangkok to experience thrilling rides, including the world’s tallest and longest wheel of death roller coaster.

It’s also a great place to enjoy a day out with the family. There are many things for everyone to do, from watching giant screens at the theatre, playing in the video games arcade, or purchasing tickets for an exciting laser show.

And that’s not all! There are plenty of dining options in this city too. Head on over to one of Bangkok’s many markets Chatuchak Market, and you’re sure to find something delicious.

Address: 41 Kanchanaphisek Rd, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

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#5. Jim Thompson House Museum

things to do in Bangkok

The Jim Thompson House Museum is a beautiful place to visit when you want to know more about the Thai Royal Family. The museum has all the memorabilia from people who have gone on trips to Thailand. It also has a collection of art that members of the royal family commissioned.

The Jim Thompson House Museum is located in Bangkok, and it’s open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed on Sundays, Mondays, and national holidays). So if you are looking for what to do in Bangkok, Thailand.

Address: 6 Kasem San 2 Alley, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

#6. Bangkok Mirinn Show

things to do in Bangkok

The Bangkok Mirinn Show is one of the largest trade fairs in Asia. It offers a glimpse into the culture and lifestyle of Thailand, with over 200,000 visitors every year. You’ll find everything from Thai foods to traditional crafts and clothing.

If you’re looking for souvenirs or want to learn more about Thai culture, this is a great place to go shopping. Be sure to add this to your list of things to do in Bangkok, Thailand, this weekend!

Address: 31/6 Soi Phetchaburi 47, บางกะปิ Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

 #7. Maggie Choo’s

things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia and is a big part of Thailand’s tourism industry. This city has been around since the Ayutthaya Kingdom was established in 1350 and is now the capital of Thailand.

There are many things to do here, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all that Bangkok has to offer, try focusing on just one type of activity first: eating!

Street food is delicious in Bangkok, and you can find it all over the city. You don’t have to spend much time looking for work either; most street vendors can be found near Khao San Road or Thonglor. If you’re in the mood for something more traditional, head to Yaowarat for some authentic Thai dishes.

If you want to explore more than just what’s happening in the streets, there are tons of temples in Bangkok that are worth visiting. The most famous Buddhist temple is Wat Phra Kaew which houses an impressive limestone statue of Buddha called Phra Si Sanphet.

Address: Fenix Novotel 320 ถนน สีลม Maha Nakhon 10500 Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

 #8. Infinity Spa

things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that offers so much for those looking for a more laid-back vacation. From shopping in markets to exploring Buddhist temples, there are many exciting things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.

One of the best places to go is the infinity spa. Infinity Spa has over 100 different treatments and services for its guests to enjoy, including massages, manicures and pedicures, body wraps and facials, waxing, and more!

They also have a special menu designed for their guests that includes delicious Thai dishes and hearty breakfasts.

Infinity Spa is located in central Bangkok with easy foot or public transportation access. It’s open daily from 9 am until 8 pm so you can visit at any time of day!

Address: 1037/1-2 Siri Square สีลม พลาซ่า Si Lom, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

#9. The Grand Palace

things to do in Bangkok

This is one of Bangkok’s most mesmerizing and famous landmarks, built in 1782. It was the home of Thai Kings (Rama), the royal court, and the administrative seat of government for about 150 years right from Rama 1.

The Grand Palace is heaven-built on earth, for every vacation to Bangkok without a visit is incomplete. The architecture of this building is lovely, with numerous building insights.

As much as the royalty has been moved from this Palace, it does not cost its importance, as it serves for all kinds of occasions and ceremonies and is the greatest tourist attraction in Bangkok.

For every trip to Bangkok, the Grand Palace should be among the first on the list of things to do in Bangkok for a beautiful experience.

It features several quarters, such as the temple of Emerald Buddha, the outer court, many public buildings, the middle court, the inner court, gardens, pavilions, etc.

It is located at Na Phra Lan Road, Old City (Rattanakosin), Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.

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#10. Khaosan Road

things to do in Bangkok

Khaosan Road is also one of the best places to visit Bangkok. It is a short street in the heart of Bangkok where street life is enjoyed to its fullest.

Along the streets are numerous open-air bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, lots of bar girls, and other tourist attractions. It is an excellent location for travelers who seek to go from bar to bar to catch fun with other foreign tourists.

Well, Khaosan Road is not a nice place to take kids, as well not family-friendly but it a perfect environment for singles, partygoers, players, etc.

In Khoisan Road, also lies many good restaurants, where you enjoy great tasting foods and other food stalls around. Khoisan Road is worth every visit to experience the recreational life of Bangkok.

It is located at Khwaeng Talad Yot, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.

#11. Chatuchak Weekend Market

things to do in Bangkok

Chatuchak weekend market covers about 35 acres with many shops and stalls divided into 27 sections.

This is a must-visit destination or market for tourists and ranks among Bangkok’s 50 mind-blowing things to do. Thai handicrafts, house decoration, arts and painting, handmade products, clothing, accessories, souvenirs, gifts, plants, etc., are gotten in an extensive range and are cheap.

It features indoor and outdoor shopping, with significant experience, especially for tourists. Visiting and exploring the Chatuchak weekend market is quite an incredible adventure. You won’t want to miss out.

It is located at Kamphaeng Phet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.

#12. Yaowarat Road

things to do in Bangkok

This is one of the great roads of 1.5 km in Bangkok, highly recommended for tourists. Yaowarat Road is the major Transit to Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Moreover, Yaowarat Road is recognized for its varieties of foodstuffs, especially at night, when it turns into a large food Road attracting tourists and locals. It is one of the mind-blowing things to do in Bangkok and shouldn’t be neglected, especially on your first visit to Bangkok.

Visiting Yaowarat road is fantastic because it has a lot to offer in Chinatown.

It is located at Khwaeng Chakkrawat Khet Samphan thawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

#13. Chinatown

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

This is one of the largest Chinatowns (Chinese community) globally. It is not just the largest, but with many attractions to see, starting with the China gate, temples, market, etc.

It is a place to experience the Chinese culture in Bangkok. Before these, Chinatown is off a high rank in the top 50 mind-blowing things to do in Bangkok. It is a famous place, explored mainly through tourists and locals.

It is one of the busiest districts but the liveliest to experience in Bangkok. A trip to Bangkok without Chinatown is very much incomplete. Many stores, shops, houses, and Street vendors offer varieties, ranging from Chinese medicinal products, clothing, gold, etc.

It is best visited during the day but can be enjoyed at night, with its unique qualities to unveil. These few words alone can’t express how many wonders to experience in Chinatown, but a visit will serve the most incredible experience.

It is located at Yaowarat Road, Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

#14. Lumphini Park

things to do in Bangkok

This is another top mind-blowing thing to do in Bangkok. Lumphini Park is a large beautiful park of 142 acres and a lovely destination for jogging, exercise, picnics, family gatherings, and spending quiet time.

Lumphini Park features many shades, artificial lakes, a playground, tasty food vendors, and various flora and fauna. This Park was founded in the 1920s by the Rema IV, Ratcha Damri, Wireless Road, and Sarasin.

It is a lovely spot to spend quality time with family, friends, lovers, etc., with so many activities to facilitate your stay, such as paddle boating, so she has hardly basketball, biking, and other aerobic activities.

It is located at Rama IV Road, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand.

#15. Siam Amazing Park

things to do in Bangkok

One of the most popular attractions in Bangkok is Siam Amazing Park. Located in the Ratchasima area and just a few minutes away from the famous Reclining Buddha and Wat Arun, this Thai cultural park has many different places to explore.

Siam Amazing Park has been open since 2009 and was renovated in 2014. The first floor of the Park houses various Thai cultural exhibits that are open to visitors, with some even offering interactive activities.

The second floor offers a large air-conditioned hall that features many different events, including traditional Thai dance performances.

The third level is home to an observation deck and a wide range of interesting sculptures and statues that allow visitors to take in the scenery around them.

Address: 203 Suan Siam Rd, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230, Thailand

#16. Wat Pho – Reclining Buddha

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

The Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho is one of the most visited attractions in Bangkok. The Buddha is enormous, and its position is meant to show that everyone can achieve enlightenment regardless of their position.

The temple complex is massive and covered with gold. It’s a visual spectacle that’s well worth the visit if you have time during your trip to Bangkok. Built-in the late 1800s, Wat Pho is a former royal temple and home to the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand.

The massive temple is filled with beautiful architecture, statues, and shrines. You’ll also find a public massage school, an herbal market, and a massive foot massage area. Make sure to check out the gardens, too.

Address: PFWR+JM7 Wat Pho Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

#17. Boat Tour of the Chao Phraya River

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

One of the finest things to do in Bangkok is take a boat tour of the Chao Phraya River. The river snakes through the city and is home to many floating markets.

Some of these markets have existed for hundreds of years and are still active today. You can hire a private boat and set off on your own or join a group tour. We recommend joining a tour to learn about the history of the markets and the city.

We love the Chao Phraya Tour with Food Trucks. This tour takes you to several markets and includes a delicious Thai lunch. You can also tour the Grand Palace if you have time. This tour is highly rated and reasonably priced.

#18. Wat Phra Kaew – Temple of the Emerald Buddha

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

Next on the list of the best things to do in Bangkok is to visit Wat Phra Kaew. This is the home of the Emerald Buddha, a highly revered and precious statue. You’ll find this Buddhist temple near the river in the center of Bangkok.

The temple is beautiful and has some of the best architecture in the city. The Emerald Buddha is the focal point at Wat Phra Kaew and is believed to bring prosperity to the kingdom and its people.

This is one of the most important and historical places in Bangkok. Visit the temple during the day or night, as you get a different experience each time.

Address: QF2V+M34, Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

#19. Khaosan Road (Khao San Road)

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

Khao San Road is a great place to start if you’re looking for the best things to do in Bangkok with kids. This famous backpacker street is where you’ll find many of the best budget hotels in Bangkok and plenty of cheap street food.

Khao San Road is also home to the wildest parties in Asia. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a wild night out. If you want to experience the real Bangkok, Khao San Road is a must-visit. It’s not the prettiest street, but it’s a great example of how the locals live and party.

You’ll get to see how people travel and meet other travelers worldwide. Khao San Road is best when the party scene is in full swing at night.

Address: Khwaeng Talat Yot, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand

#20. Visit the Flower Market

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

Next on our list of the best things to do in Bangkok, Thailand, this weekend is visiting the Flower Market, Sampeng. This market is a must-visit during the day, as it’s one of Bangkok’s most colorful and vibrant places.

Sampeng is one of the largest and oldest markets in the city. You’ll find various flowers, food, and other products. But it’s the color and vibrancy of the flowers that make the market so memorable.

You can buy flowers at the market or explore and take photos. We recommend going on a Sunday when the market is busiest and most vibrant.

Address: 80 Kanchanaphisek Rd, Khlong Bang Bon, Bang Bon, Bangkok 10150, Thailand

#21. Thai Cooking School

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

Next on our list of the best things to do in Bangkok is a Thai cooking class. There are many cooking schools in Bangkok. We recommend a Thai cooking School. This school is located in a local neighborhood and offers various classes.

It’s a fun and immersive experience for couples, families, friends, and solo travelers. There are many options for a Thai cooking class.

We recommend booking a market tour cooking class. This tour will take you to the fresh local market to shop for ingredients. You’ll then go back to the school to cook a Thai meal. The meal is included in the price; you can take it home and enjoy it.

#22. Wat Traimit – Golden Buddha

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

Another of the best things to do in Bangkok is Wat Traimit or the Temple of the Golden Buddha. This is one of the most famous landmarks in Bangkok. You’ll find a massive gold Buddha statue at the temple.

It’s one of the most giant gold statues in the world. The temple is relatively close to the river and is well worth a visit.

Consider going on a weekday, as weekends can get quite busy. The Golden Buddha is over 40 feet tall and made from solid gold. There’s a lovely gift shop at the temple, too.

Address: 661 Charoen Krung Rd, Talat Noi, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

#23. Thai Street Food: Eat Like a Local

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

One of the best things to do in Bangkok if you’re looking to eat like a local is to eat street food. It’s cheap, authentic, and delicious.

There are many places to eat street food in Bangkok. We recommend exploring the neighborhoods and trying different foods at each one. There are plenty of recommended street food locations in Bangkok.

We love the street food at the Saphan Taksin BTS station. This is a great place to try all sorts of Thai food, including Pad Thai—another promising area for street food in Chinatown.

#24. Get a Traditional Thai Massage

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

We all need a massage at some point in our lives. If you want to try a traditional Thai massage, there are plenty of places to go in Bangkok.

You can find massage places all over the city, especially near the river. It’s a very affordable experience and very relaxing. We recommend going to one of the massage places near the river.

You can choose the type of massage you want and the price. It’s a very authentic experience and very popular among tourists. The best times to go are the evenings and weekends, as they may be closed during the day.

#25. Take a Tuk Tuk Ride

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

These little three-wheeled taxis are a common way to get around the city. You’ll find them at any place where tourists are present.

The drivers are amiable and will happily take you on a ride. There are many different types of tuk-tuk rides you can take.

We recommend going to Wat Pho and taking a ride down the river. This is a great way to see the city and the temples around the river. Be prepared to bargain for the price.

Address: 1026, 240 Rama IV Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

#26. Unicorn Cafe

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

If you are visiting Bangkok as a couple or solo female traveler, it’s a good idea to meet like-minded people.

That’s easier to do in a big city like Bangkok, where there is something for everyone. One of our favorite places to connect with fellow travelers is the Unicorn Cafe in Silom. It’s a low-key, welcoming cafe offering a fantastic city view.

There is always a great mix of people here, with visitors from all over the world. The Unicorn is also a great place to meet people with similar interests. You can talk about travel or make plans to explore the city together. You’ll find the Unicorn Cafe in the Patpong area of Silom.

Address: 44/1 Soi Sathon 8, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

#27. Manhanakhon Skywalk

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

If you love views, you’ll want to visit the Manhanakhon Skywalk. It’s a new attraction in Bangkok that has quickly become one of the most popular things to do in Bangkok.

The Manhanakhon Skywalk is a pedestrian bridge that provides a stunning view of the city from above. It’s the only skywalk on the Chao Phraya River. So, you can be sure you’ll get fantastic river views. The Manhanakhon Skywalk is built on the Saphan Phut public transportation hub.

It’s a popular spot for both locals and tourists. One of the best things to do in Bangkok during the day and at night is to walk to the Manhanakhon Skywalk from the Saphan Phut BTS station. Or you can take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to the Saphan Phut Pier.

Address: 114 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

#28. Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

If you love art, you should take advantage of the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. It features exhibitions of contemporary and modern art.

The art center also hosts several educational programs. So, you can enjoy the exhibitions with kids and students. There are also regular cultural events at the art and culture center.

So, whether you visit during the week or on the weekend, you will find something to enjoy. One of the top things to do in Bangkok on the weekend, especially during the school holidays, It’s easy to get to the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Address: 939 Rama I Rd, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

#29. Muay Thai Boxing Class

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

If you’re visiting Bangkok in the fall, consider visiting Lumpinee Stadium to see Muay Thai fights. Visit in October to see the famous Thai tradition of the Wai Kru Festival. Or visit in December to see the Muay Thai Festival.

Either way, you’ll see many traditional cultural dances, music, and celebrations before the fights start. You’ll love watching a Muay Thai fight live if you love sports. And you can learn Muay Thai in a Muay Thai boxing class.

There are many Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok where you can learn this ancient martial art. We recommend Rangsrit Gym as a top Muay Thai boxing school in Bangkok. It’s near Lumpinee Stadium and the National Stadium.

#30. Visit a Floating Market

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

There are many popular Bangkok tourist attractions. But few are as quintessentially Thai as the floating markets. The most famous floating markets are Damnoen Saduak, Hua Hin, and Damnoen Saduak. But there are many other floating markets in Thailand as well.

Which one should you visit? We recommend Damnoen Saduak. It is the most authentic and accessible floating market.

You can get there quickly by taking a bus from Bangkok. And many of the Bangkok attractions are nearby. So, it’s easy to create a fantastic day trip. You’ll love wandering through the maze of the canals.

#31. Soi Cowboy

32 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bangkok (Thailand)

If you want to see a different side of Bangkok, make a point to visit Soi Cowboy. It’s a short walk from BTS Nana Station.

Soi Cowboy is not a place for the faint-hearted. If you don’t like seeing erotica shows and aren’t into visiting bars, you may want to pass on Soi Cowboy. But if you’re open to experiencing a different Bangkok, you’ll love it.

You’ll also find some great cafes and restaurants on Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy is also home to some great shopping. It’s worth remembering if you’re visiting with friends or family.

#32. Kanchanaburi

We end our list of the best things to do in Bangkok by visiting the Death Railway, especially if you visit the World War II bridge site on the Death Railway.

The bridge is among the most influential and moving places ever. Visiting the bridge and the museums next to it will give you an appreciation for what these men went through. And it will make you appreciate how lucky we are to be living in such a peaceful time.

That concludes our list of the best things to do in Bangkok. If you follow this guide, you can make the most of your time in Bangkok. It’s a fantastic city that’s well worth visiting. You’ll love exploring this amazing Asian city.

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Plan Your Trip To Bangkok

If you are searching for things to do in Bangkok, this article has everything you need to know. It’s an excellent place for visitors and locals, and the weather is always perfect.

Bangkok is the perfect destination for people who love adventures. With an array of attractions and activities, it’s no wonder that it has become the fastest-growing city in Thailand.

So, start preparing to tour Bangkok on your next vacation. You’ll love it and also enjoy the places to visit in Thailand.

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