Don’t Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

restaurants in Columbus MS

If you’re looking for great places to eat in Columbus, MS, look no further! From Italian cuisine to classic American fare, there’s something for everyone in Columbus. In this blog post, we’ll share the best restaurants in the area.

Columbus, Mississippi, is home to some of the best restaurants in the state, offering everything from classic Southern cuisine to modern, international flavors.

The most popular cuisines in the city have been broken down into various restaurant categories: brunch, American food, tacos, international food, seafood, BBQ, pizza, breweries, burgers, fried chicken, steakhouses, and fast-casual eating.

Consider it your go-to list if you and your pals are undecided on the type of food or budget you want to spend.

Whether visiting for the weekend or living here year-round, these top restaurants will surely please your taste buds and give you a fantastic dining experience. So, make sure to take advantage of this! Read on to find out the best restaurants in Columbus, MS!

What are the Best Restaurants in Columbus, MS (Mississippi)?

#1. Old Hickory Steak House

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

This is one of the best restaurants in Columbus Ms. Customers may unwind at Old Hickory Steak House after a long day at work thanks to the welcoming ambiance. Many guests know the staff is excellent, knowing fully well that superb service is important to these restaurant owners.

You can order from a wide selection of foods here for reasonable costs. It is worthwhile to visit and take in the gorgeous design. 

Most diners at this restaurant comment on the well-done grilled steaks, potato salads, and ribeye offered. Check out their beer, and it’s super tasty! Drinking excellent tea might be a good idea.

Address: 1301 US-45, Columbus, MS 39705, United States

#2. Huck’s Place

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

This restaurant has a chic aesthetic and an intriguing menu that will undoubtedly send you into a frenzy. Check out this stunning location and indulge in some of the best American dishes and drinks, which I’m sure you’ll want to try again.

This restaurant offers one of the friendliest services and some of the coziest interior designs to make you want to stay and eat.

You will never go wrong with this eatery if you are searching for an excellent place to enjoy some tasty culinary American delicacies. They also have a competent staff that is diligent and ever-ready to attend to your needs.

Eat American food at Huck’s Place for a unique Columbus experience. They provide delicious chicken along with many other excellent meals and unique features.

Address: 121 5th St S, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

#3. Harvey’s

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

Harvey’s is a contemporary restaurant in Columbus Ms that has an atmosphere with exposed brick, elaborate woodwork, and great music. They provide everything, from fine salads and sandwiches to legendary 48-hour marinated ribeyes and prime rib.

This establishment has some of the best delicacies Columbus city has to offer while surrounded by one of the coziest settings you’ll ever find.

This restaurant serves an array of well-made cuisines which are to die for, not forgetting the well-curated list of beers and wines which are always chilled and ready just for you.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy some live classical music as you wine and dine in one of the best restaurants in Columbus, Ms.

Their unique features include takeouts, reservations, seatings, table service wheelchairs accessible, and lots more.

Address: 200 Main St, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

#4. Proffitt’s Porch

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

Proffitt’s Porch is a beautiful undiscovered gem in Columbus. They provide excellent service and a variety of delectable meals. A smaller dining area with outside seating is present. Fair rates and friendly service.

This restaurant offers the best sandwich you could ever ask for and a chic atmosphere to top off your visit. Proffitt’s porch is one of Columbus’s top establishment’s locals and travelers visit.

This elegant restaurant is renowned for its tantalizing cuisine and first-rate service, which will ensure you have a good experience there.

Check out the restaurant for the ideal relaxing time with your friends and family. Their unique features include takeouts, parking, credit card access, and booking.

Address: 1587 Officers Lake Rd, Columbus, MS 39705, United States

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#5. Sweet Peppers Deli

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

Sweet Peppers Deli is a SWEET place to be! Delectable wraps, sandwiches, salads, paninis, flatbread pizzas, potatoes, and desserts are available.

There are options for catering and box meals. There are several delectable entrees, sides, desserts, and beverages on their catering menu. Let Sweet Peppers Deli handle the catering for whatever kind of gathering, party, or celebration you’re planning.

I assure you of a fantastic dining experience in this restaurant. Check out their roast beef, turkey, and ham layers, topped with your choice of cheese. You will love it.

Address: 2017 US-45, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

#6. Jackson square grill

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

Visit this chic restaurant for some of the most delectable foreign dishes you’ll ever encounter! Words from all over the world influence their extensive menu.

It is prepared with the finest ingredients in an excellent kitchen and served in a posh sports bar setting, providing you with party options that everyone will like. Whatever your taste is, The Grill has it.

In Jackson square, not only is the meal delectable, the atmosphere is that of exquisite ambiance and beauty. You’d savor the delicious aromas of various cuisines as you walked through them, and you couldn’t wait to try them!

You’ll adore this place, from the soft ambient lighting to the first-rate service! Remember to sample the best dishes on their menu. The grilled variety, which is much better, is incredible. Try this if you want an excellent time reflecting on your beautiful memories.

Address: 1927 US-45, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

#7. Zachary

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

Zachary is a family-friendly restaurant and Columbus’ top restaurant. Some of their specialties include delicious appetizers, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Year-round patio seating is available. They also have a Kid’s menu. You can never go wrong when it comes to some of the most elegant meals and American cuisines.

This fantastic establishment’s ambiance gives a cozy, friendly vibe and exceptional service that you will remember for days.

Your potential traveling companions who don’t eat meat will be catered to with vegetarian-friendly cuisine. Their unique features include table service, takeout, seating, television, and accessibility for people in wheelchairs.

Address: 205 N 5th St, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

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#8. Umi

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

In Columbus, Mississippi, there is a Japanese steakhouse called Umi. This restaurant is the finest option if you want to eat excellent Japanese food.

A fantastic meal has also been carefully selected to suit your dietary needs and culinary preferences. The exceptional service you’ll receive here distinguishes it as one of Columbus, Mississippi’s best restaurants and will tempt you to come back frequently as soon as you step inside.

You should check out this restaurant for an outstanding dining experience because of its fantastic personnel. The surroundings and ambiance are breathtaking. Add Umi to your list of best steak houses in Columbus, MS.

Address: 1721 Hwy.45N, Ste 1, Columbus, MS 39705, United States

#9. J Broussards

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

The cuisine of this family-run establishment, which specializes in seafood and local produce, is New Orleans-inspired. A fantastic meal and the ideal evening in Columbus for a visitor interested in getting a taste of the local culture.

Since it opened its doors to Columbus citizens long ago, this renowned restaurant has never let anyone down. You will surely appreciate trying some of the other specialties on the menu.

Fresh pastries, desserts, bread, jams, chicken salads, and cookies will stay in your memory for a long time. You will never forget your time spent here once you’ve sampled the fantastic treats. The staff is polite and knowledgeable.

Address: 210 5th St S, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

#10. Hank’s Barbeque

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

The greatest barbeque in Columbus, Mississippi, may be found here. The dining area boasts several local and regional accolades, many of which were well deserved.

This location is a hidden gem in the wilderness! Both the meal and the service are outstanding. The portions are ideal, the costs are lower than you may anticipate, and the meat is of excellent quality in general.

This barbecue restaurant is the best place to eat delicious barbecues and different meats. Excellent service and a great musical mix are provided.

Address: 5809 US-45, Columbus, MS 39705, United States

#11. Cafe’ on main

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

This restaurant is highly known for its outstanding customer service and helpful, courteous personnel. According to visitors, this place has a lovely atmosphere. You’ll enjoy reasonable prices. 

Experience one of the most intriguing lists of American cuisine at some of Columbus’s liveliest places. Delicious hamburgers, chicken & dumplings, and chicken dumplings are available. Many guests comment on the delightful lemon pies, ice cream, and coconut cakes served by the servers.

The excellent lunch goes well with a cup of delectable coffee. Unique ambient lighting and a wonderful ambiance contribute to your comfort and enjoyment.

You can also visit with your family and friends or even with a group of friends. Let everyone get to have a taste of this luxurious restaurant.

Address: 101 5th St S #4, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

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#12. Peking Chinese restaurant

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

Modern Asian fusion foods are offered at Peking Chinese Restaurant. Peking began in 1985 as a typical Chinese dine-in establishment serving the Columbus, Mississippi, neighborhood.

Since the beginning, Peking’s chefs have been manually chopping and slicing all of the veggies and meats, making each sauce from scratch, and wok-cooking every dish.

The menu at Peking emphasizes its healthy, scratch-cooking philosophy and features new lunch and dinner entrees and beverages.

In addition to hand-rolled sushi, Peking now serves trendy Asian fusion dishes while staying faithful to its daily tradition of using fresh ingredients.

This is the ideal stopover to unwind and enjoy a delicious Chinese meal after a long day of exploring this picturesque city. They provide takeaways, seating, and other unique features, and You won’t regret dining with them.

Address: 1614 Hwy 45 N, Columbus, MS 39705, United States

#13. Cracker Barrel

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

This is Columbus’s top homey chain restaurant serving American comfort food, with an on-site general store. Enjoy a fine dining experience at this beautiful restaurant that combines a vintage-style setting with delicious American cuisine.

Due to the friendly atmosphere, visitors who go to this place feel comfortable and have fun. The majority of guests comment on how friendly the staff is. If you want polite service, you should go to this place. You might find excellent cuisine here for a fair price. Visitors can unwind by the charming fireplace.

This restaurant has one of the best wine lists so that you may stop for a wine tasting or a romantic supper with your significant other. As far as this restaurant is concerned, you can never go wrong.

Address: 592 18th Ave N, Columbus, MS 39705, United States

#14. Jack’s

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

This is the ideal location to discuss the best chicken in Columbus and good cocktails. Enjoy the friendly environment and top-notch service the wait staff provides as you relax and take it all in.

At this fast food, the friendly staff exhibits excellent hospitality. Here, the servers provide wonderfully cooked chicken strips. Delicious biscuits taste good. People emphasize good customer service in their comments.

At Jack’s, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the affordable costs. From the perspective of the visitors, the ambiance is magnificent. However, Google users still need to give this location an excellent rating.

Address: 1612 Hwy 45 N, Columbus, MS 39701, United States

#15. Longhorn Steakhouse

Don't Miss Out! The 15 Best Restaurants in Columbus MS (Mississippi)

Visit this Columbus top steakhouse restaurant and savor one of the tastiest fineries you’ve ever encountered.

If you enjoy steak, you must see what their grill masters can do with other dishes that you may also enjoy, such as the parmesan-crusted chicken, hand-cut long-horn salmon, or slow-cooked baby back ribs.

Do you desire a more extensive, better lunch? Try one of their full-sized Steakhouse Lunch Plates, such as the Maverick Ribeye Sandwich prepared with six luscious ounces of ribeye steak or the Half-Pound Steakhouse Cheeseburger.

Keep room for some chocolate Stampede, remember! Come in today and enjoy one of the best steaks you will ever have!

Address: 2023 Hwy 45 N, Columbus, MS 39705, United States

Enjoy Your Meal at Columbus (MS) Restaurants

You need not look elsewhere if you enjoy active holidays that are topped off by exciting activities. Try some of these great eateries if you want to have a great time in Columbus Ms while unwinding.

Bring your vacation companion, close family members, or friends to participate in this fantastic relaxing activity.

Columbus will provide you with the most outstanding selection of restaurants and other attractions to satisfy your cravings and create lasting memories.

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